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Creating and Composing ‘Vitaminized Music’

There are courses for music theory and sound engineering, but this is the framework and form in which the music resides.   There are the notes, but what about the context, the story that surrounds the notes, what transfers within the notes, what lives and listens to the spaces between the notes?

What makes one piece of beautiful music stand out from another ‘beautiful’ pieces of music?  Why are Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven’s music the most known and the most played and performed after hundreds of years?  There were likely many beautiful classical pieces written in that time.  Why don’t we know of them or remember them?

This workshop and open enquiry into the enigma of what we call, ‘music’, will explore what may be called ‘essence music’, ‘functional music’, or  ‘vitaminized music’.    In the world of nutrition, food vitality is everything.  Eating ‘dead’ food that has lost its vitality or didn’t have any to begin with leaves one hungry and full of unwanted solids that block the body from absorbing needed nutriments.  So.. what about the vitality, vitamin or ‘essence’ value of music?   What draws us to listen to a piece over and over again?   It is known that certain types of music, which house electrical signals, can heal and inspire.

What is necessary as a composer or producer to create such music that inspires, heals, and moves the listener beyond the mundane, that creates an inner ecology in the listener to better think, to study, to relax, to heal, to work, to perform at one’s optimum best?     Can one transfer and share sentiment of a profound kind, or transfer confidence, or compose music to quicken the healing of broken bones, or enhance the growth of food?

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Workshops designed for Music composers and Producers.

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Hosted by Vitamusic and Edward Dowrick