Sugar Cessation Support

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Vitamusic, together with Weiss Institut (Weiss Method), are researching the use of music specifically created to assist people with addiction cessation and becoming free from unwanted habits and stress induced compulsive behaviors.  You can read more about this research at the music and addiction cessation page.

This music is specifically designed to assist you in creating an ecology in yourself to strengthen your resolve in your decision to liberate yourself and be addiction free, naturally.


This download bundle has been put together to assist those with sugar and gluten cessation as a support to a Weiss Method treatment.  Each track is designed to assist a different part of the strengthening process.   Calming the nerves, Reducing craving, Strengthening the will, and Assisting the body organs are some of what this music promotes.   There are 3 music tracks and a companion writing included to assist you in getting best access to these musical vitamins.

Music composed and performed by Edward Dowrick, Aud Wilken, and The World Mosaic of Sound.

This music is to support you whenever and wherever you need it.   Be well!

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