Edward Dowrick

Edward Dowrick   Founder of Vitamusic 

Eddie was born in Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. He started studying music at age 5 and was quickly drawn to the piano by age 7. From this early age, he was also compelled to be on a discovery journey into the many aspects of ‘why is the human on earth?’, its purpose, and its application into everyday life.

He soon learned that every thought, emotion, feeling, attitude, stance, posture, movement, action, reaction is all part of a constant process of exchange of energies, of IMPRESSIONS and EXPRESSIONS. He realized that the quality of these in-breaths and out-breaths determines the state we find ourselves in, and therefore our well-being and intactness. Music became a theater of expression to that very search about, ‘what does it really mean to be a human?’

Eddie made a home in New York City for many years and now lives in South Eastern Tennessee, where he composes and performs most of his music. For the past 17 years, he has given lectures, conducted workshops nationally and internationally in and around personal growth and natural wellness. He is an active member of The Well Being Sciences, an international research organization which is a network effectively working to develop new technologies and educational programs towards the restoration and improvement of well being and health. One of the avenues of research that Eddie has pursued inside of this has been into the use of music and sound as a healing tool, and exploring new approaches to music, including an open searching for the yet unheard music of the future.

He has collaborated his research  with others around the globe and would say that he has had the rare opportunity to play and compose with some of today’s great musical pioneers and dynamically creative individuals like those of The World Mosaic of Sound in which he is a participant, contributor, and supporter.  Eddie also does film/TV music composition and has composed and produced several solo musical recordings available through his website, Edward Dowrick.

     Musings of The Solar Winds is a new 2021 release and is available worldwide.









Orchestral Sketches from the New Hope Continent is available worldwide.

From the inner music diaries come orchestral sketches that capture moments of something appearing yet not formed.  At times a sense of promise, hope, epic, cinematic, soundscape, and mind enlivening.  A journey to the space between the notes.

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Here are a few sample songs from, Orchestral Sketches from the New Hope Continent



The New Hope Continent

The Witness


Music release, Everyone Loves A Story (Original Life in Motion Soundtrack), is  available for purchase worldwide.  Released in November 2017.

The beauty of a soundtrack is to act as companion, as friend, and sometimes even as guide to the journey of a scene, or a life, as it unfolds, to carry one fluidly along with the movement of things, sometimes quiet and unobtrusive, sometimes impelling the experience forward, and sometimes focusing one’s attention so that a thought, or a feeling, or an idea, or a moment is not missed, but experienced in its fullness. These are some of the thoughts and impressions stirred by the music you will find herein, as changeable as the time of day, yet somehow able to be with the currency of the passing hour.

Whose soundtrack is it? What happens at the end? These are the mysteries that are yet to be seen…

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Here are a few sample pieces from Everyone Loves a Story (Original Life in Motion Soundtrack)

June Zephyrs Beneath the Rain

Musical Sun

The Interaction Three

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A conversation with Aviv Shahar and Edward Dowrick about music with a purpose, essence music on ‘Portals of Perception’ entitled, ‘Witnessing Flow’

‘Witnessing Flow’ 

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