The World Mosaic of Sound

The World Mosaic of Sound is a collaboration of musicians and singers from around the world who pioneer new developments and approaches to music, based on thirty years of ground-breaking research. Involving both amateurs and professionals, and spanning classical, world, contemporary and new music forms, our aim is the greater understanding and use of sound in purposeful ways. We have a passion for the potential of music and the on-going development of ourselves as ‘human instruments’, in both our inner lives and practical skills.
We promote concerts, and are active in research, education and community music projects. Our central mission is the application of sound to the betterment of the human situation.

The Core Writing team includes:
Gavin Beckwith – Professional musician & Music producer from London
Michele Charlton – Harpist from London
Nick Woodeson – Guitarist, Singer, Mandolinist from London
Nimrod Grinboim – Professional Opera Singer from Israel
Katrin Waldraff – Choir leader, Flautist, Pianist & Singing coach from Germany